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Criteria and Benefits ESSO Endorsed Events

Criteria for obtaining ESSO auspices:

  • The organiser shall submit a detailed programme as well as a list of faculty members and speakers;
  • ESSO contribution in the choice of speakers/teachers or the presence of an ESSO member among them shall be encouraged and taken into account for decision;
  • International multidisciplinary events shall be ACOE accredited to be considered;
  • ESSO auspices will only be granted following approval by minimum 2 representatives of the Website/Editorial Committee;
  • An incentive for the participation of ESSO members in the event shall preferably be foreseen (e.g. 5% discount on the registration fee).

Benefits linked to the ESSO auspices:

Once granted the ESSO endorsement, the organiser is entitled to use the ESSO logo on the event’s promoting material as well as in the event´s materials (programme, diploma, etc). ESSO endorsed events shall be promoted in the relevant section of the ESSO website, in the ESSO newsletter and in the ESSO calendar of events published in EJSO. An email blast among ESSO members with the event´s relevant information will be carried out once from the ESSO office. Labels of ESSO members can be purchased for the promotion of the ESSO endorsed events (one single use).

In return of the ESSO auspices, the organiser of an ESSO endorsed event commits to advertise the next ESSO Congress and/or any relevant course organised by ESSO in a similar way (e-blast, website, calendar of events).

To obtain ESSO auspices please send the event programme and list of faculty members along with any further information you can provide to  The event will then be reviewed by the Website and Editorial Committee within 2 weeks.

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