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Latest News

The Importance of Specialised Surgical Oncology Education

Lynda Wyld, Chair of the ESSO Education and Training Committee, presents recent developments in ESSO's educational activities.

Steps Forward in the Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care Project

ESSO is part of a project aiming to provide explanations of the organisation and actions necessary to provide high-quality care to patients with a specific tumour type.

ESSO Training Fellowships: Broaden Your Horizons

Dr. Desiderio (IT) shares his ESSO Training Fellowship experience, wherein he learnt new techniques and expanded his practical knowledge at the City of Hope National Medical Center Duarte (CA, USA).

The European School of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Illustrated

ESSO and the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) have launched the European School of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Surgery (ESSTSS) to provide training in the surgical management of soft tissue sarcomas.

Message from the ESSO Chief Operating Officer & Office

Chief Operating Officer, Carine Lecoq, presents ESSO's recent activities and latest news.

Advances in Surgical Oncology in Brazil

Surgical Oncology now recognised as a specialty in Brazil


The ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit will be held on 7-9 September 2018 in Vienna.


ESSO 38 "Better outcomes with innovative surgery" will be held in Budapest, Hungary on the 10 -12 October 2018.

Special eCancer Issue dedicated to the late Prof. Umberto Veronesi

This special eCancer Issue gathers together six papers dedicated to the late Prof. Umberto Veronesi, honouring his enormous contribution to cancer research and treatment

New Research Initiatives from ESSO: Go Safe & Corsica

GO SAFE and CORSiCA are two new research initiatives that will investigate quality of life after cancer surgery and specificities of ypT0 rectal cancers at the European level.

The EBSQ Surgical Oncology Examination – A Personal Experience

Dr. Hans-Günter Becker, a successful candidate in the EBSQ examination, recently reported about his experience, which could be helpful to inspire other surgeons.

The ESSO-EORTC Collaboration in Surgical Oncology Research

The field of surgical research needs new leaders and collaborations: this is what Dr. Denis Lacombe, the Director of EORTC, explained us during this exclusive interview.

ESSO Endorsed and Recommended events

ESSO also supports or recommends scientific events organised by other medical societies, hospitals or institutions that are deemed relevant and of particular interest for the surgical oncology community. All events listed on the ESSO website have been reviewed and approved by the ESSO Website & Editorial Committee.

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